Key Technologies:

· Heat Pumps (NE-HP) · Waste water pipe/tank heat exchanger (NE-SET,NE-SEP) · Air to water heat exchangers.

Key Benefits:

· Designed for optimum in terms of investment and operating costs

· Low primary energy consumption through energy recycling and storing concepts

· Low emissions and CO2 footprint

· Low operator attention required through fully automatic operation

· Remote supervision through using iCloud based Data Center and Energy Management Software (NE-EM)

NEC's Heating Solutions provide reliable and efficient processes and HVAC heating for the plant by utilizing recovered and stored thermal energy from any sources. Different thermal energy sources such as process cooling, waste water, waste air or renewable sources like water and solar are combined in one system and the complete thermal energy systems are optimized in order to achieve an optimum in terms of investment and operating costs ensuring best return of investment for our customers.

In case fossil fuel cannot be replaced completely (if no waste heat and no stored energy is available) then NEC applies the most modern heating technology like High Efficiency Infrared Heating System which uses the clean energy source gas to bring the warmth at the right time to the right place in the most efficient way.