Key Technologies:

· Heat Pumps (NE-HP) · Waste water pipe/tank heat exchanger (NE-SET, NE-SEP) · Air to water heat exchangers.

Key Benefits:

· Heat recycling for hot water or heating, reducing hot water and heating Investment and operating costs

· Storing of surplus thermal energy for later use

· Always choosing the lowest operating cost mode if different cooling sources

· Integration of many possible cooling sources such as air, water, waste water and ground sources

Our innovative cooling solutions provide reliable process and HVAC cooling while utilizing the waste heat for process heating and hot water generation. Surplus heat will be either stored in short term or long term storage systems, the small remainder discharged into air, waste water or surface water.

Different cooling sources are combined in one system and operated in order of lowest cost or other criteria given by customers. We optimize the electricity consumption through peak load shifting from high tariff to low tariff periods.