Hot Water

NEC’s Hot Water Systems provide efficient hot water for the process or domestic hot water for various purposes, fully utilizing any waste heat sources available at customers's facilities such as waste water, waste air, cooling systems and stored surplus energy. It creates a cycle of energy in systems where large amounts of fresh water are to be heated and leave the plant as warm waste water. The heat from the waste water is continuously recovered and used to heat up the fresh water. (“The energy always stays in the plant, only the water goes through”)

NEC’s solution offers the shortest ROI for customers where large amounts of waste heat are available and will be used for hot water generation in continuous process which are operated 24H/365D.

Key Technologies:

· Heat Pumps (NE-HP) · Waste water pipe/tank heat exchanger (NE-SET, NE-SEP) · Air to water heat exchangers.

Key Benefits:

· Designed for optimum in terms of investment and operating costs

· Low primary energy consumption through energy recycling and storing concepts

· Low emissions and CO2 footprint

· Low operator attention required through fully automatic operation

· Remote supervision through using iCloud based Data Center and Energy Management Software (NE-EM)