Heat Recovery

Our specially designed solutions to recover thermal energy from various sources such as:

Waste Air

Waste Water, River water

Heat from production

Heat from cooling systems

These heat sources, combined with our heat pumps provide low cost and pollution free thermal energy to be used in heating or hot water systems or stored for later use in our storage systems. The heat recovery solutions are combined with other heat sources such as Infrared Heating Systems, district heating or gas/electricity driven boilers to maintain a stable heating supply if waste heat sources are not sufficient to meet the demand.

Key Technologies:

· Waste water pipe/tank heat exchanger (NE-SET, NE-SEP)

· Air to water heat exchangers

· Heat (Thermal) Storage(NE-STS, NE-LTS).

Key Benefits:

· Variety of products and technologies enables NEC to recover thermal

energy from different media and including waste water and contaminated air.

· Recovered thermal energy comes for free or very low cost reducing the

operating expenses of the user.

· Recovered thermal energy reduces emissions and CO2 footprint because it

saves gas, oil, coal and electricity.

· Low operator attention required through fully automatic operation.

· Remote supervision through using iCloud based Data Center and Energy

Management Software (NE-EM) .