City Solution

Today’s Chinese cities are densely populated and suffering from pollution of fossil fuel and the heat island effect in the summer. This situation is caused by high energy consumption based on fossil fuels in winter and conventional air-conditioning systems which release all the heat into the environment during summer time. And this situation can only be gradually improved by storing summer heat for the use in winter through ground source based heat pump systems. Ground source heat pump systems require a balance of thermal energy that is stored in order to function with high efficiency over many years. To meet 100% of the demand they also carry high investment costs compared to traditional air conditioning systems such as Split Units, Air Source Heat Pumps and Chiller/Cooling Tower Systems.

NEC introduced Sewage Energy Pipe (SEP) and Sewage Energy Tank (SET) Technology utilizes the thermal energy
contained in any type of waste or other source (River, Lake, Soil) to provide heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water at lower investment cost than the ground source heat pump but also solving the heat island effect and the need for thermal balancing.

Key Benefits:

Low investment cost compared to 4 independent systems

(waste water pipe, heating systems, cooling system, hot water system)

Low operating, maintenance and service costs

No noise, heat and air pollution

Fully automatic, independent operation not requiring operators

In cases the waste water (or other water sources) might not be sufficient

to provide enough thermal energy to our system
we offer combined solutions integrating ground sources, air sources,

electrical or gas driven boilers to form an integrated solution providing

sufficient heating, cooling and domestic hot water 24H/365D.

Key Technologies:

Sewage Energy Pipe (NE-SEP)

Heat Pump System (NE-HP)

SCADA Control and Supervision System with Data Center