Infrared Heating System NE-IHS

NE-IHS serves customer needs for energy efficient and environmentally friendly factory hall heating systems with low operating costs.

Our gas driven radiation heaters are installed under the factory ceiling and heat up your plant’s facilities according to your specific temperature requirements, without your intervention, fully automatically.

NE-IHS efficiency is 30-70% higher compared to gas fired air heaters or hot water boilers depending on factors such as ceiling height, plant building insulation, climate zone, operating time and temperature requirements.

Infrared heating is by far the most cost efficient heating method for any high (> 7m) ceiling facility that works safely and reliably improving your operation by lowering energy and service costs while providing comfortable working conditions for your staff.

Many customers with factory heights of up to 50m are the best evidence for the superior performance of our NE-IHS Made in Germany.

Main customer benefits when using NE-IHS:

·   Low overall operating costs

·   Low gas consumption and therefore low emissions

·   Controlling the temperature accurately in every zone of your facility through modulating operation

·   No manual operation necessary through fully automatic operation-self learning

·   24h remote service through iCloud Data Center NE-DC supervision

Typical Applications are high ceiling facilities in the following markets:

·   Shipbuilding

·   Aerospace

·   Railway

·   Automotive

·   Logistics

·   Metal processing and assembly industries ·   Other high ceiling plants with demand for efficient and low operating costs heating

Environmentally Friendly
Cost Saving
Remote Control
Easy to Install