Our Energy Systems using NE-SEP (patented) as source for heating and cooling are most suitable for customers who want to combine low investment with low costs for their facilities or city districts and have sufficient waste water, lake or river water available.

Our systems provide heating, cooling and hot water utilizing the abundant and free thermal energy contained in the wastewater, river or lake water and the surrounding soil.

In addition to providing renewable energy to our clients our system also replaces conventional waste water pipes. The surrounding soil also serves as natural hermal energy storage for times when medium flow is low and thermal energy demand is high.

We integrate other heating and cooling sources such as Sewage Energy Tank Exchanger System NE-SET, Infrared HeatingSystems NE-IHS, ground source, process waste thermal energy, air source into our Energy Systems providing the best operational performance while minimizing the investment costs.

The main advantages of our NE-SEP based Energy Systems are:

·   Low investment costs

·   Low operating costs through low energy consumption

·   Providing heating, cooling and hot water at the same time

·   Low maintenance costs

·   Long lifetime: 50 years for the NE-SEP

·   Emission free

·   Reducing the “heat island” effect in cities(lowering the air temperature in summer) by eliminating heat emissions into the air (as from AC split units, air source heat pumps and cooling towers)

Typical Applications:

·  New city districts requiring heating, cooling and hot water with low invest/low OPEX requirements and the need to reduce emissions from fossil fuel incineration.

·  Industrial or sewage plants with large amounts of waste water and the need to recycle the thermal energy for cost savings and/or environmental concerns

Typical Industrial Plants with high fresh water consumption and high waste water discharge while operating 24h continuously are in the following industries:

·   Pulp and paper

·   Textile

·   Pharmaceutical

·   Chemical

·   Waste water treatment

Sewage Energy Pipe Exchanger NE-SEP
Environmentally Friendly
Cost Saving
Remote Control
Easy to Install