Heat Pump NE-HP

The NE-HP are part of almost very Energy System we provide in order to utilize most of the waste energy and meet exactly the customer’s needs for heating, cooling and hot water.

Our heat pumps are specifically designed and selected to fit perfectly into every customized Energy System Solution.This seamless integration ensures high performance in the most frequent operating conditions.

A long lifetime is achieved through the use of high quality key components provided by world class suppliers and strict quality standards during production and final testing.  

All NE-HP are equipped with fully automatic control to avoid manual operation which is costly and less efficient. In addition, we advise all customers to connect their NE-HP to our i-Cloud based Data Center NE-DC to have our experienced staff supervising their machines making local staff for supervision mostly redundant while ensuring highest performance and availability.
Environmentally Friendly
Cost Saving
Remote Control
Easy to Install