Heat (Thermal) Storage NE-HS/TS

The most basic requirement in systems with heat recovery is to strike a balance between supply and demand at all times. Supply and demand is normally not determined by the operator. Therefore, thermal energy storage is an important feature of efficient systems to fully utilize the waste energy potential and to maintain the balance between energy demand and supply. Thermal energy can be stored in either short term (1-2 days) or long term (1 year) thermal storage systems.

Our Short Term Thermal Storage (NE-STTS) Systems are designed to absorb surplus thermal energy, to store and discharge it when necessary. The space required is only 10% compared to water based systems and the heat discharge maintains a constant temperature throughout the discharge cycle. The charge and discharge temperature level is selected when the system is designed.

The Long Term Thermal Storage System (LTTS) is a ground source system designed according to customer’s requirements and the prevailing soil characteristics.

Our experienced engineers design those systems not only to meet the maximum demand but also to maintain a thermal energy balance in the soil, avoiding overheating or undercooling of the soil, ensuring high performance for the entire lifetime of the system. We provide for both systems (STTS/ LTTS) a supervision of charging, discharging and load status. Our engineers integrate the STTS and LTTS seamlessly into our Energy System to optimize the Return of Investment (ROI) for our customers.

Environmentally Friendly
Cost Saving
Remote Control
Easy to Install