Energy Management System
NECreat develops comprehensive energy and cost saving plans including system modifications in order to fully utilize the saving potential while considering customers’ objectives in terms of commercial and technical aspects.

Our integrated Energy Management System, NESmart, collects all relevant consumption data from your facilities, stores, reorganizes and analyses them. As a result the customer gets an overview about his energy and other utility consumption and CO2 emission which enables him to plan and implement energy and cost reduction measures.

NESmart ensures that the different system modules providing heating, cooling and hot water while using the most cost efficient energy source always work together smoothly. They are designed, installed and serviced by our experienced and dedicated staff.

Cloud server based Data Center NESmart ensures 24-7 access to important operational data. From our office Computer Center and any mobile device, our engineers supervise the operation of customers’ Energy Systems. They are virtually “always at your side” to assist your operator to make the right decisions.

Control systems are the intelligent brains of every modern Energy Systems ensuring safe, reliable, efficient operation without operators.

We use PLCs of the leading global suppliers and integrate them into our customized control solution using SCADA Software.
This enables the facility manager to have all important operational and energy consumption information “at his desk” all time.

Environmentally Friendly
Cost Saving
Remote Control
Easy to Install