Our Energy Systems using NE-AET as source for heating and cooling are most suitable for customers who want to recover large amounts of thermal energy from waste air at low operating costs in order to provide high capacity heating or large amounts of hot air (cooling is also possible) to their plants or facilities.

The self-cleaning feature of our NE-AET system ensures highest operating efficiency while eliminating the need of frequent manual cleaning associated with high cost of service and maintenance. Our product is designed to minimize the risk of blocking and the material is specifically selected to withstand chemicals contained in waste air guaranteeing long lifetime.  

As a standard, we integrate other heating and cooling sources such as: Infrared Heating System NE-IHS, ground sources, process waste thermal energy, and air sources into our Energy Systems which provides the best operational performance while minimizing the investment costs.

The main advantages of our NE-AET based Energy Systems are:

·   Very high heat recovery rate utilizing a small space only

·   No cleaning and blocking through special design and self-cleaning feature

·   Suitable for all types of waste air

·   Low operation and maintenance costs

·   Emission free heating and hot water supply

Typical Applications:

·   Industrial with large amounts of waste air and the need to recycle a large portion of the thermal energy for cost savings and/or environmental concerns

·   Facilities like food processing plants or Chemical with high demand for warm air and abundant warm waste air.

Typical Industrial Plants with high fresh air consumption and high waste air discharge while operating 24h continuously are in the following industries:

·   Food processing plants

·   Pulp and paper

·   Textile

·   Pharmaceutical

·   Chemical

·   Waste air treatment

·   District Heating Company (as a potential user of the heat)

If the owner of the facility generating these large amounts of waste air with thermal energy cannot use the energy then our company supports the technical solution to distribute the energy to the nearby communities through specially designed district heating networks.

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